Air Earth Water

I love drawing and especially with charcoal.   There is a breadth to charcoal which allows for rapid changes of direction.    I might head off intending to represent one thing but pretty soon the marks I am making might suggest other things.   I like this ambiguity which I try to retain within the drawing.

The paper I use is generally sized watercolour paper which allows me, if necessary, to repeatedly work back into the charcoal with plastic erasers.   The paper doesn't clog and rarely feels overworked.   Also, the erasers introduce softer marks which contrast with the dryer charcoal marks.

Clearing (iv) study 2 (Flooded Forest)
Clearing (ii) study (ii)
Clearing (ii) study (iii)
Clearing (ii) study (iv)
Clearing (iii)
Flooded Fields (i)
At the Margin (ii)
Govt. Vets
At the Margin
Murder on the Fell
Fellside (v)
Fellside (ii)
Forest (ii) study (ii)
Hawthorn trees, stone wall and crows
Clearing (ii) study (vii)
Siding study (iv)