Drawings - Sub-Series

Drawing directly from life gives an artist a close connection with the subject. When that subject is a person and when the work is made in a single session - when feelings are to the fore and the intellect perhaps takes a back seat, the work can gain a real warmth and intimacy.

These are drawings made, often with a lightness of touch, a celebration of the subject and an enjoyment of fleeting light falling across the subject.

Harold (ii)
Self (22.01.02)
Dad listening to the radio (03.05.1998)
Harold (iii)
Robin Marsh (17.01.95)
Will watching snooker on the TV (18.04.99)
Dad (03.05.1998)
Helen (27.02.95)
Self 03/11/18
Michael Murfin (12.06.93)
Don Bonner (31.01.95)
Self (22.05.93)
Dartmouth Park Avenue
Madame Bovary
Jacket (06.07.06)
Bridget at 35 weeks
Fran (28.09.10)
Shirt (10.07.06)
Pete 05.02.00
Bridget (05/01/01)
Trousers (09.07.06)
Stella 21.07.06
Rebecca (12/04/13)
Shoes (04.07.06)
Eddie 24.02.95
Rebecca at Sidi Bou Said (18/11/12)
Bridget (07.01.00)
Rebecca (21/04/13)
Harold (i)
Sweater (18.08.18)
Self (18.04.1998)