Drawings - Sub-Series

A year or so after leaving art school and then having to leave my home in the forest I moved into a council estate in nearby Thetford.

As a young artist at the beginning of my career, and with the whole vast world to try to make sense of, I would collate drawings, photographs, drawings on photographs, texts, cuttings etc on A5 index cards. Whatever I was making, an element of it would have a life on an A5 card.

This was, of course, long before the digital revolution. Some work would grow beyond the confines of A5 and I also made individual A4 box files - all of which were, in themselves, 'the work'.

Office desk,
'Index Cards' - photo frame
Council housing estate brick walls, cat, dots, squares, back gate,
192 - 19
Newspaper cuttings, various newspapers, sizes and descriptions,
'Index Cards' - Wiehahn and Terblanche
Installation, box files, card index, office desk,
'Index Cards' - Desk, Files and Newsboards
'Index Cards' - a waste of time
Mother and child, walking past, council housing estate, brick wall,
'Index Cards' - mother and child
Self and Bookcase
'Index Cards' - Newsboard - May 1975
Council housing estate, brick wall, pigeon,
'Index Cards' - Pigeon
study for A Window
Hunger, starvation, death,
'Index Cards' - Newsboard - May 1975 (at 20th May)
Three People
A Window study (ii)
Newspaper cuttings, The Times newspapers, steps
'Index Cards' - Prisoners of Conscience
Graffiti triptych
Dartmouth Park Avenue
Box files, ivy plant, permanently closed box file, secret contents,
'Index Cards' - Two Box Files
Thetford - Lebanon
<148 -
Humour, housing estate, cat, cyclist
'Index Cards' - Cat and Cyclist
Council Housing estate, brick wall, bricks, graph paper, imperial measurement,
'Index Cards' - 6ft. Brick Wall
The Man with the Alsation Dog
Newspaper cutting, photo copies cuttings,
'Index Cards' - Heinrich Graf
Graph paper,ncouncil housing estate, brick wall, metres
'Index Cards' - 6ft. Brick Wall addendum
Scene from a Window
Gold bar, colour bar, apartheid, confinement,
'Index Cards' - Bar
'Index Cards'- Picture Frame and Self
Hedge Sparrow
Gold bar, colour bar,
'Index Cards' - Bar opened up