Original Prints - Sub-Series

In the mid 1990's, after a three month residency on the Falkland Islands, my prints became much more minimal.   I feel sure that the vast open space of the Falklands is somewhere behind these pictures, but then so too is the landscape of east Cumbria where I live and work.   On overcast days the powerful presence of Cross Fell diminishes and birds and trees take on a greater significance.   The many thousands of thorn trees are truly wonderful in their great variety of shapes and sizes - some gnarled and bent by the elements and others with seemingly charmed lives.

Skein (viii)
To the Top
View Finder
Incident #3
Climb (viii) 3rd state
Off the Fence
Incident #8
Power Lines
Stepping Stones
Along the Fence
Still on the Fence
Outcrop (ii)
Take Wing
Fellside (ii)
Climb (iv)
Take Wing (2nd state)
Island (Barque)
Climb (ii)
Vernal Pool
Over the Fence
Climb (iii)
View Point
Climb (vii)
Climb (v)
Climb (vi)
Wanderer (ii)
Skein (vii)
Wanderer (iii)
Goatherd (ii)