Work Detail

'A Search for the Man in the Street' (1976-78) comprises a view through a window (120,000 two and a half mm squares in oil on linen) depicting a wall on a housing estate, window frame (painted in the same manner)  and a card index with 30 cards.

The index cards, each 5" x 8" (204 x 127mm), collate images of a housing estate in the vicinity of the painted window. These are in the form of photographs of the estate, photographs of paintings, pencil drawings, texts, paper cut outs and metal card guides. Now, forty years after I made the index, it has the feel of a collection of evidence -  perhaps evidence from a local government enquiry or maybe a police enquiry.


The card index was exhibited in 1979 in the 2nd Tolly Cobbold/Eastern Arts Exhibition which toured the country. 

2017   Window with Gabriel Stones' film of the card index exhibited in solo exhibition 'Clearing' at Upfront Gallery, Cumbria

2018   Window with Gabriel Stones' film of the card index exhibited in solo exhibition 'Drawings by Alan Stones'  at Vallum Gallery, University of Cumbria, Carlisle