In general my pictures are to do with 'people'. In some there is the suggestion of a narrative - perhaps implying that some incident (great or small) might have occured. When I depict subjects other than people these are likely to be aspects of nature . . . acting as metaphors for human activities or else nature profoundly affected by man.

Since the day I graduated (in Fine Art) from St Martin's School of Art, London in 1971 I have worked full-time as an artist.    Over that time I have worked in a variety of mediums (paintings, drawings, constructions, original prints) and explored a great many themes.

The menu to the left groups works both chronologically and thematically.   Some works are grouped together because, right from the outset, they were made as a coherent project.    Other groupings include works which, when put together, throw up connections which, right now, are important to me. 

Drawings too, find their way into these groupings if, together with the paintings, they help illustrate a theme.

Clearing (ii)
Jarrod and the Bastle House
Self 16.04.93
Self (22.05.93)
Clearing (i)