Original Lithographs

Back in 1984 I began making lithographs when I won an award from the Gulbenkian Foundation to 'experiment in printmaking'. Initially, my subject was hill farming in the Northern Pennines. Then, in the mid 1990's after a three month residency on the Falkland Islands, my prints became much more minimal.

I feel sure that the vast open space of the Falkland Islands is somewhere behind these pictures, but then so too is the landscape of east Cumbria where I live and work. On overcast days the powerful presence of Cross Fell diminishes and rooks and hawthorns appearing through the mist take on a great significance. The many thousands of thorn trees are truly wonderful in their great variety of shapes and sizes - some gnarled by the elements and others with seemingly charmed lives.

Each of my prints is signed and numbered and, if still available, can be bought on-line either framed or unframed (all unframed prints are unmounted).

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