from life: Home & Studio

Drawing directly from life gives an artist a close connection with the subject. When that subject is a person and when the work is made in a single session - when feelings are to the fore and the intellect perhaps takes a back seat, the work can gain a real warmth and intimacy.

These drawings, often made with a lightness of touch, are a celebration of the subject and of fleeting light falling across the subject.

Bob 2023
Picasso Tower
Hokusai Tower
Hook and Hanger
Spectacles (30.01.20)
Spectacles (28/29.01.20)
Sweater (18.08.18)
Rebecca at Sidi Bou Said (18/11/12)
Trousers (09.07.06)
Fran (28.09.10)
Self (22.01.02)
Stella 21.07.06
Self 03/11/18
Robin Marsh (17.01.95)
Shirt (10.07.06)
Helen (27.02.95)
Don Bonner (31.01.95)
Ray and Tom on board the Cordella (08.01.95)
Rebecca (21/04/13)
Rebecca (12/04/13)
Shoes (04.07.06)
Pete 05.02.00
Dad listening to the radio (03.05.1998)
Dad (03.05.1998)
Eddie 24.02.95
Jacket (06.07.06)
Bridget at 35 weeks
Bridget (07.01.00)
Bridget (05/01/01)
Madame Bovary
Will watching snooker on the TV (18.04.99)
Harold (i)
Harold (ii)
Harold (iii)
Self (18.04.1998)
N.H. (13.07.93)
Michael Murfin (12.06.93)
Self (22.05.93)
'Index Cards' - Teddy Bear
Self Reflection 1971
Dartmouth Park Avenue - Interior
Dartmouth Park Avenue